Who is Dream Irl? Every Fact That You Should Know!

If you’re a Minecraft fan, you’ve probably heard about Dream Irl. His YouTube channel has almost two million subscribers and has received over 10 billion views. His popularity has been so widespread that you can find Dream Irl’s real name on the official website. This information will help you get to know the man behind the channel better. There are a lot of other interesting facts about this vlogger, too, including his boyfriend and real name.

YouTube Personality

In case you don’t know, Dream is a YouTube personality that has over 16 million subscribers. His videos have received over 10 billion views on YouTube, which is impressive. His channel also has a boyfriend and two siblings. While Dream is still a young man, his YouTube videos have become a source of income. If you’re a Minecraft fan, it’s best to keep reading.

Before you decide if Dream is the right person for you, it’s important to know a little bit about him. His first major victory on MCC16 became quite controversial, but he didn’t donate his winnings to cancer research. And if you’re not a gamer, you should consider becoming one. If you’re looking for information about Dream, follow the links below.

Faze Clan Community

One of the most surprising facts about Dream is that he was once hospitalized with an alligator in his mouth. His fans know this because he showed a photo of himself on top of the alligator. In addition to his fame and popularity, he has a number of other interesting facts. In 2016, he joined the Faze Clan community, a YouTube gaming community that has over 16 million subscribers. His YouTube channel also has a line of merchandising for his fans. There are various stores and online shops where you can purchase his products. However, he is not as well-known as other celebrities in the gaming industry, so you should keep your eyes open.

Aside from his YouTube channel, Dream IRL is also an actress. She was born on August 12, 1999 in Boston, but now she lives in Los Angeles. In addition to being famous for her videos on YouTube, she also has a boyfriend. You can read more about her on her official website. If you’re interested in her personal life, you’ll be able to follow her videos on social media.

Daniel Middleton

The real name of Dream is Daniel Middleton. He is an Englishman. He has more than sixteen million supporters on YouTube and is a YouTube commentator. He is a huge fan of the popular game Minecraft and even posted a YouTube Let’s Play series on his channel, which has over 1 million subscribers. But he has not been around for too long. He is still an enigmatic figure.

Game Minecraft

Dream’s Twitter account is known for his love for the game Minecraft. His YouTube channel has over six million subscribers. He is one of the most popular YouTubers in Minecraft. He has more than 600 thousand subscribers, and is also a YouTuber of other games. Despite his popularity, he has managed to maintain his popularity with a minimal budget. Many of his videos are also highly rated by fans.

Aside from playing Minecraft, Dream Irl also plays different games. He has been an active YouTuber for over two years. He has a large number of followers. He is the most popular YouTuber in the world. He has more than 600 million subscribers on YouTube. He has a boyfriend and two siblings. His channel has ten million subscribers and is active on multiple social media accounts.


You may have heard of Dream IRL, a YouTube personality who has been making videos for more than 16 million subscribers. He has a large following on YouTube and has even a large fan base in the United States. His latest videos are available on his YouTube channel. Unlike other YouTube personalities, his videos are not sponsored by major companies. You can watch Dream IRL for free on YouTube here.