What is the REET exam? What is the required time to complete the syllabus?

Every state holds an exam to hire primary and secondary school teachers. REET is the short form for Rajasthan Eligibility Exam for Teachers. It is a state-level competitive qualifying exam for teachers held in Rajasthan. The RBSE publishes announcements on the REET exam, which include exam-related notifications such as REET exam dates, application cut-off dates, exam patterns, syllabus, eligibility, and more. The Chief Minister of Rajasthan declared 62,000 teacher openings in 2022. Here are some pointers to help you prepare for the REET exam in 2022. 

What is the REET exam?

For primary and secondary teachers in Rajasthan, REET is an eligibility examination. After passing REET, teachers can teach students from classes 1–10 in Rajasthan. 

How to crack the REET exam?

You need to pass the REET exam with at least qualifying marks to become a qualified teacher. You need to study from various study resources that cover the syllabus to crack this competitive exam. Apart from this, here are some practical tips that can help you crack any competitive exam.

  1. Know what to study: Every competitive exam has a syllabus that includes various essential topics. Knowing what to study makes preparation easy. The syllabus of the REET exam contains four major subjects Pedagogy and child development, English, science & maths, environmental studies. It is essential to identify important topics covered in the syllabus. 
  2. Create a study routine: Creating a proper study routine with dedicated time allocation makes your preparation easy. Routine can help you to stay focused. It also helps to avoid the stress of last-minute exam preparation. 
  3. Take care of your mental health: Preparation for any competitive exam can take a heavy toll on your mental health. During the time of exam preparation, you need to take good care of your physical and mental health. Take small breaks while studying to avoid burnout if you take enough breaks to increase your productivity and keep your mind fresh.
  4. Set your goals: Setting goals is an essential factor while preparing for any competitive exams. Set up weekly targets according to your syllabus. Create a list of topics you want to cover and assess the time needed for each topic.
  5. Refer to previous test papers: Previous years’ test papers can give you a fair idea about the paper structure type of questions that may come in the REET exam. Solve these papers or take the mock test so that you can easily time your paper when taking the REET exam.

Syllabus Preparation:

People begin preparing as soon as they register for RTET. However, if you were unable to complete a portion of your REET syllabus due to unforeseen circumstances, you still have time. The most efficient and effective technique to learn anything is to divide your time efficiently and effectively.

  • Grammar and Comprehension in English/Hindi

Every day, study for 2 to 3 hours and then revise for 20 minutes after a short break.

  • Development and Pedagogy of Children

Every day, study for 3 to 4 hours and then revise for 20 minutes after a short break.

  • Mathematics, Science, or Social Science are all options.

Every day, study for 3 to 4 hours and then revise for 20 minutes after a short break.

This way, you can prepare your complete syllabus right after registering till the day of your exam. 

Even if this is the ideal preparation timetable, you must be at ease with it. Excessive pressure on yourself will not help you achieve amazing outcomes. As a result, make sure you stick to this programme at your own pace and convenience. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is acceptable, but don’t overburden yourself by closely adhering to anything. Start your preparation on the right note with BYJU’s Exam Prep.


Like any competitive exam, REET also takes good planning, confidence, and strategic studying. Carefully plan your time and work smart. Be calm while attempting your paper so that you do not make errors. Visit BYJU’S Exam Prep for more information on REET and other competitive exams.