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You may have already heard about Sara Waisglass. She’s a Canadian actress who has appeared on a number of popular television shows. She played the role of Jordy Cooper on Overruled! from 2010 to 2011, and she has also played Frankie Hollingsworth in Degrassi: The Next Generation. In the movie “Jordy Cooper,” she won an Emmy for her role. But what is Sara Waisglass’s true talent?

Young Actress

The young actress is already making quite a name for herself in the acting industry. She recently graduated from York University and plans to pursue a career in screenwriting and acting. She has her sights set on the Hollywood movie world. Her recent roles as a sexy high school girl named Ginny and Georgia helped her get noticed by Hollywood producers. During her time at York University, Sara Waisglass wrote several screenplays and was a lead actress in the film “The Other Guys” and “The Last Days of Paris” (both of which were filmed in Toronto).

Born on July 3, 1998, Sara Waisglass is of Canadian descent. She has a sister named Carly Waisglass. She has never revealed the name of her parents. Sara Waisglass’s family background is largely unknown, but she is very talented and has an impressive academic background. While it is difficult to determine her age, it’s safe to assume that she is single at the moment. If Sara Waisglass does have a boyfriend, it will probably be in the future.

Television Commercials

As a child actress, Sara Waisglass began her career in television commercials. She was cast as Jane in the sitcom “The Jane Show” in 2007, and she also starred in the 2018 film “Afterwords”. Sara Waisglass earned the majority of her income from modeling and acting, as well as her work in television, anchoring, and presenting. Regardless of her career path, she has a diverse resume that has earned her many awards.

After gaining popularity on Degrassi, Sara McLaughlin has continued her career. The popular TV series earned her a nomination for a Young Entertainers Award for her work. Sara has also starred in several movies including The Good Doctor, Killjoys, and Mary Goes Round. While she may have an extremely large fan base, she is able to connect with her audience through social media and even sell personalized video shoutouts to fans.


In 2009, Sara Waisglass landed her breakthrough role in popular children’s television sitcom “Overruled”. She starred in 29 episodes of the show. After a break from acting for three years, she landed the role of Jordy Cooper in “Overruled”. She has since worked with Rob Pattinson and John Malkovich in movies such as “After,” “Life,” and The Last Boy

As an actress, Sara Waisglass has worked in many different genres. She was first recognized for her role in “Degrassi: The Next Generation” and later reprised her role on “Degrassi: The Next Class.” Since then, she’s been involved in several different film projects and TV shows. Her salary from her career as an actress currently sits at around $400k per year. But as of now, she’s not revealing her salary.

Sara Waisglass’s Career

As a writer, Sara Gilbert has a tremendous fan base. She also has a significant following on Twitter and Instagram. Despite the large fan base she enjoys, Sara Gilbert seems to be a private person. She posts fewer pictures on Twitter and doesn’t use Facebook. She’s a busy mom and a hard working professional. If you’re interested in Sara Waisglass’s career, don’t miss out on her latest project, “The Big Bang Theory”!

In addition to her acting, Sara Waisglass is a talented screenwriter. She has acted in several short films and has appeared in many television shows. Her most notable role, however, is as Young Jane in “The Jane Show” (2007). She later played Tracey in “Afterwards” (2008), and has also appeared in the short film “Watering Mr. Cocoa.” At only five feet and four inches tall, Sara Waisglass has already become a popular star.

Final Words:

Aside from her starring role on Degrassi, Sara Waisglass also has a role on Netflix’s “Ginny and Georgia,” in which she played Frankie Hollingsworth. She is also a year younger than Spencer McPherson, a Degrassi alumni who starred in the show. In addition to being a well-known model and actress, Sara Waisglass’s net worth is estimated at $1 million to two million dollars here.