The Mercedes MBC230 C-Class Sport-Coupe

Despite being a smaller sedan, the Mercedes MBC230 C-Class Sport-Co lives up to its name. The sloping roofline and an aggressive front end give this sedan an aggressive look. It also comes with a Panoramic roof and nearly all-glass body. Whether you want a convertible or a traditional sedan, the MBC230 is sure to impress you. And it doesn’t look all that bad in person. The insides are equally impressive, with heated seats and a leather interior.

MB’s unique authentication mechanism

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MB’s M272 engine has a few engine-related problems

Despite its smooth performance, the M272 engine from Mercedes-Benz isn’t completely free from problems. This naturally-aspirated engine is susceptible to several common problems, including a broken balance shaft gear. A replacement for this part can cost up to five thousand dollars, but the costs associated with the repair can be even more than the cost of a new engine.

The M272 engine’s intake manifold has several points for failure. One of them is the swirl flaps. These can detach and enter the cylinders, causing serious damage to internals and valves. Even the M272’s exhaust system can suffer from air-flow irregularities. A few common problems include a lean operation, misfires, and check engine lights. A rough idle is another common issue.

M272 Intake Manifold

Another common issue is the M272 MBC230 intake manifold. Similar to the M272, the M273 intake manifolds have a plastic lever that can break prematurely. In some cases, Mercedes will replace the whole intake manifold unit, which may cost upwards of $800 US. Third-party companies also sell replacement levers in metal. The class action lawsuit has been filed by several Mercedes-Benz owners and lessees.

MB’s C-Class Sport-Coupe resemblance to Infiniti G35

The resemblance to the Infiniti G35 was first noticed in the 2009 Paris Motor Show, when Infiniti introduced the G25. The G25 was powered by a 2.5 L V6 producing 218 horsepower and 187 lb-ft of torque. The G25’s acceleration was fast, with a time of 7.5 seconds from 0-60 mph. The C-Class Sport-Coupe was also compared to the Nissan Skyline 250 GT sedan, which had the same engine but a different body design.

Final Words:

Infiniti has improved aerodynamics since the MBC230. Its short rear deck has a crisp crease, and its L-shaped taillamps use a cluster of bright LEDs that illuminate more quickly when the brake pedal is depressed. In Group C racing, the MBC230 chief developer learned the value of LEDs when he was rear-ended by lightweight Nissans. That’s when the race team embraced LEDs to give drivers behind a warning about their approaching cars.