Smart Square Mercy Nursing Software 2022

You can access the Smart Square Mercy login online from any device. It is a web-based application and requires a network ID and password. Through the portal, you can create and update your schedule, assign staff to shifts, and view patient contact information. Using Mercy smart square, you can get the most efficient scheduling. It also has many other features to improve the efficiency of your schedule. Choosing the right software for your healthcare organization is important for the growth and success of your facility.

Health Information of Every Patient

Using Smart Square Mercy, you can maintain the health information of every patient. It also helps in assigning tasks to nurses. In addition, you can access the patient records from your mobile phone. The superiors can easily assign tasks and see the progress of patients. The security of the system is assured as you can only access your patient’s information with a password. The software also allows you to make changes to the notes of your patients.

Patient Information

The Mercy smart square login is the most convenient way of keeping track of all patient information. You can access the software from any PC, laptop, or mobile device. Moreover, it works on most devices. You can also download an app for Smart Square to access patient information and schedule appointments. The app works on PC and Mac and is compatible with smartphones. It allows you to update patient information and schedule appointments on the go. You can even use it for scheduling a procedure.

Advanced Features

In addition to its ease of use, Smart Square Mercy also offers advanced features that enhance productivity. It lets nurses manage patients, post notes, and manage their schedules. The software can be used in hospitals as well. Its data cleaning features help to eliminate redundant and inconsistent data. Users can find their patients, view their assignments, and edit notes with the click of a button. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy to learn and use. It’s also very easy to customize.

One of the most important features of Smart Square is its ability to manage schedules and patients. Its flexible scheduling functionality allows you to easily add, delete, or edit appointments. It is easy to set up and maintain and allows you to manage staff and patient information. The software is also free to use. Aside from the numerous benefits of the Smart Square, the software also makes it easy to maintain your patients’ medical histories.

Healthcare Professionals

Its integrated dashboard makes it easy for healthcare professionals to manage their patients and their schedules. The software has a client calendar that is compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox. You can schedule appointments, assign staff to different shifts, and update patient information with ease using Smart Square. It’s an intuitive, user-friendly system that helps you organize your entire medical practice. Its integrated communication tools will ensure that your clinic runs smoothly.

It’s easy to use. It’s mobile-friendly. It works on most devices including PCs and laptops. You can also access the software on your mobile device. This means you can use it from any location. The mobile app allows you to view patient information, schedule appointments, and update contact details on the go. You can even add a map and customize it to your preference. The program’s customizable interface will help you manage your patient’s data.

User-Friendly Interface

With Smart Square Mercy, you can manage your patients’ information and schedules. Its user-friendly interface allows you to view patient information. The system’s customizable calendar allows you to schedule shifts for staff, update patient contact details, and assign staff to specific shifts. It also offers a high level of security. You can rest assured that your patient and staff’s details will remain confidential. You’ll never have to worry about your patients’ privacy.


The Smart Square Mercy Nursing Software integrates with existing hospital systems to streamline the process of scheduling patients and nursing units. It also provides the ability to schedule appointments for patients. This feature helps nurses schedule future cases and appointments and makes them aware of upcoming appointments. The Smart Square Mercy Nurse Software can also be integrated with existing hospital systems, allowing you to manage all aspects of your nursing unit. You don’t have to worry about whether your shifts and appointments will conflict here.