Shocking Things Heroin Can Do To Your Body

Kicking off heroin addiction is one of the toughest things to do in the world. Ever wondered why is it so hard to kick heroin? No, it’s not dependence, as people might think. 

Yes, dependence does contribute to the constant need for heroin, but this isn’t the real thing behind those intense cravings, which even last for years after you de-addict. 

According to Connecticut drug rehab specialists, it helps to know what heroin does to your brain and body. This understanding can motivate you in making better choices to improve your overall well-being. 

What happens in your body when you take heroin?

When you inject or snort heroin, it enters your bloodstream and pierces through the blood-brain barrier to enter the brain. Here, it instantly turns into active metabolites – monoacetylmorphine and morphine. 

Heroin then binds with mu-opioid receptors present in the pleasure centers of the brain. This leads to the inhibition of GABA, resulting in a spurt of dopamine secretion. This creates a flood of pleasure, which is popularly called the “high.”

Why is heroin stronger than morphine?

Heroin eventually gets converted into monoacetylmorphine and morphine in the brain. So, why is it more powerful than morphine? 

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Heroin has a smaller molecular structure. This lets it pass rapidly through the blood-brain barrier. When taking equal amounts of heroin and morphine, heroin will enter the brain quicker than morphine and produce a more powerful effect. 

Withdrawal can be terrifying

Being more powerful than other drugs, it is also more difficult to withdraw from them. In fact, heroin withdrawal is said to create such intense withdrawal symptoms that many addicts drop the very idea of withdrawing. 

However, this isn’t the solution, say experts. Continuing to use heroin can cause irreparable health damage.

If you or anybody you know is into heroin use for a long time, please be aware of the health damages. Call the addiction hotline today and choose to De-addict. Save yourselves or your loved one from unnecessary health troubles. 

Health damage by long-term heroin use

  • Repeated heroin use changes the physiology and physical structure of the brain. 
  • It creates long-term hormonal and neural imbalances, which are hard to reverse. 
  • It deteriorates the brain’s white matter. This affects decision-making, behavior, response to stress, and others. 
  • It can lead to brain damage
  • Prolonged snorting can damage the nose lining, the roof of the mouth, and/or nasal septum, which is the cartilage between nostrils. 
  • Long-term injecting can lead to infection of the heart valve lining, collapsed veins, and/or skin abscesses, which are pus-filled infections. 
  • Smoking heroin can cause lung infections like pneumonia, permanent damage to the lungs, and/or increases the risk of cancers of the lungs, throat, or mouth. 
  • Long-term heroin use can cause erectile dysfunction in men and irregular periods in women. 
  • It can permanently damage your kidneys and liver. 
  • Continuous heroin use can give you intense stomach cramps and constipation. 

It is never too late to kick off heroin. Search for “drug rehab near me” and take this life-changing decision. It might be hard in the initial stages, but it is worth it.