Remedies for Itchy and Dry Skin of Your Dog!

Sometimes pet parents forget about taking care of their furry buddies’ skin and fur coats, but it is essential to do so. For example, if your furry friend is going through constant itching and has dry skin or red patches, you may decide to follow some remedies mentioned in this article. After your vet’s advice is taken into account, of course.

There are a range of things that may help your furry friend to have healthy skin. Below are a few important ones:

  • You may have heard about humans taking oatmeal baths to treat their itchy skin, the same works for their dogs. So purchase any oats, blend them in a blender to their powdered form, and add them to lukewarm water in a tub. Then let your furry buddy sit in the tub for 30 minutes. It will soothe their skin.
  • A distracted and playful dog is a happy dog. A comfortable, active dog doesn’t constantly scratch sore, red itchy patches on its body. Not striking their flare-up skin is essential to their recovery process. Lastly, exercise is critical for a dog to live a happy, healthy life.
  • Consult a vet and get a medicated shampoo for your furry buddy. Using medicated shampoo for their regular bath routines is excellent, but using it while their skin is flaring up is highly beneficial.
  • Fat-free yogurt contains probiotics and good bacteria that may help in balancing out your furry friend’s natural gut flora, also it improves digestion and skin disease resistance. In addition, if your dog struggles with fungal skin infections (especially yeast infections), this may help restore their skin. However, remember many dogs are lactose intolerant so this could then lead to tummy upsets. 
  • Vitamin deficiencies can lead dogs to develop nutritional dermatitis. A skin condition may closely mimic yeast and bacterial skin infections in dogs but it is related to the nutrition of the dog. Fixing diet problems isn’t always easy but minor changes in their daily diet plan can eliminate the symptoms.
  • Any mite or bug bite can cause your dog to itch when bitten, and an allergy can easily transform slight itchiness into a complete skin disaster. In the canine care world, this condition is often referred to as flea dermatitis, but really, the actual name depends on what’s eating your buddy.

So these are some ‌remedies you can follow to soothe dogs’ itchy skin. But, if your pet dog suffers from skin problems frequently, it is best to stay in touch with a good vet. Also, get good pet health insurance before any problems start because treating skin problems can be expensive and if they are pre-existing they won’t be covered.

If you already have pet health insurance, that is good for your pet, but if not, you need to look up policies soon. Having the best pet insurance is an excellent financial backup;at any moment, pets can fall sick or suffer the drastic outcomes of an accident. Having pet insurance can quickly solve the financial side of a medical problem, and the pet parent can focus on the pet’s recovery. So if you are a responsible and loving pet parent, get the best pet insurance for your pet.