Rafe Cameron – The Outer Banks Character Analysis

In this article, I will discuss the role of Rafe Cameron played by Drew Starkey. I will also discuss the Character’s relationship with his father and the violent nature of the Character. In the end, I will give an overall evaluation of the show. You may also enjoy:

Drew Starkey’s portrayal of Rafe Cameron

Drew Starkey’s portrayal of Rafer Cameron was an impressive one. This character’s behavior in the first season was quite disturbing. While many people saw him as an abusive father, that soon changed after season two. Rafe had several instances in which he beat and strangled his sister Sarah. The show is very interesting, but it has some flaws. If you’d like to know more about Rafe Cameron’s character, read on!

The first season of the Netflix series was a huge success, with eight episodes and no less than five million viewers tuning in. While there are several new characters introduced in season two, the main cast from season one returns to the Outer Banks. As Rafe, Starkey plays an over-the-top kook with dark impulses. In season two, he gets much more screen time than in the first season, and fans say he “carries” the entire season.

Stable relationship

While his character may not seem like a villain in the original series, he is still a twisted character with a desire to impress his father, Ward. His selfishness is apparent as he has a drug habit and struggles to maintain a stable relationship. His obsession with drugs has led him to kill a police officer. His underlying motives are unclear, but they all point to a desire for power.

Character’s relationship with his father

The character’s relationship with his father in Rafing Cameron is the focus of this analysis. Despite his seemingly perfect life, Rafe is not the kind of boy you would want to be friends with. He is self-absorbed and degrades himself to the opinions of others, and fears losing the respect of his father and Kelce. However, when Ward kicks Rafe out of the Cameron household, Rafe realizes that he has nothing. He pleads with Ward not to leave him, and then shoots the Sheriff, trying to win back his father’s trust.

The relationship between Rafe and his father in Rafe Cameron is complex and often conflicted. While Rafe promised to be a man like his father, his relationship with his father soon started to suffer. While he may have had the best intentions, his actions have led him down the wrong road. He has to decide what’s best for his sister and his own family, which makes his relationship with his father a delicate one.

Leader of Cameron Family

Despite Rafe’s plight, his father is still the leader of the Cameron family. While his father does his best to keep Sarah out of the spotlight, he remains a thorn in Rafe’s side. Rafe’s father constantly changes his mind about his daughter, which is why he always tries to manipulate his father for his own gain.

Character’s violent nature

In the movie “The Outer Banks”, a young man named Rafe Cameron is portrayed as a troubled character who becomes a drug dealer. He is the older brother of Sarah and Wheezie, and the eldest son of Ward and Sarah Cameron. Although Rafe had originally been destined to inherit his family’s business, he dropped out of college and instead became addicted to cocaine. He was also a kook, often snorting cocaine and getting into trouble with the town’s drug dealer Barry.

One episode in particular highlights Rafe’s violent nature. As he tries to get back into the good graces of his father by killing his brother, he fails to realize that his own father is the real culprit. When Sarah returns home from a trip with Rafe and his friends, Rafe decides to kill his brother with a knife. However, he succeeds only after making a commotion that turns deadly.

Final Words:

While Cameron’s violence is often justified by his passion for his family and his love for them, his personality does not allow him to make such an argument. He is an Aries, and as a result, he can be a difficult person to deal with. He is extremely passionate, and his temper can be hard to control. Ultimately, he aims to make things right in the end, even if that means harming other people.