Query: What Does CVS Stand for in Medical Terms?

CVS stand for Chorionic Valve Sampling. This term is a medical diagnosis code for a disease that affects the heart and blood vessels. There are 41 different meanings of CVS. By clicking the link below, you will be directed to a page that lists all the meanings of CVS. You can also type the meaning of your question into the search box.

Choron Villus Sampling

CVS stand for Choron Villus Sampling. This term has two meanings: ‘chorionic villus sample’ and ‘cortical vesicle’. It is a prenatal diagnostic procedure that involves taking samples of the fetal lining. It is used to detect severe abnormalities of the fetus. The sample is collected from the mother’s cervix and chorion.

Cortical Vesicles

The short form of CVS is Choron Villus sampling. The full meaning is Cortical Vesicles. The full form is Clean Voided Specimen. A woman will need to have a full bladder in order to move the uterus into the proper position for CVS. A woman may need to undergo several samples before the doctor can be sure of the results.

Outpatient Procedure

The full form of CVS Stand is Cortical Vesicles. The process can take place either in an office setting or in a hospital setting. In the clinic setting, the procedure may be performed as an outpatient procedure. The procedure can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. The patient will be asked to undress completely and wear a hospital gown. The procedure can be performed on the patient’s back or on the abdomen. Afterwards, the sample will be suctioned into a syringe.

Non-Pharmaceutical Businesses

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CVS is short for “Chorionic villus sampling.” It is the medical term for “chorionic villus samples.” In other words, it stands for “chorionic valvulus”. In other words, it is a sample of the chorionic vesicles of the fetus. The chorionic villus is the fetus’s placenta and chorion.

Medical Abbreviation

CVS is a medical abbreviation for Choron Villus Sampling, which is a procedure that is performed during pregnancy. The procedure can be transabdominal or trans cervical. During the procedure, a speculum, or thin tube, is inserted into the cervix using ultrasound guidance. Then, a syringe is gently inserted into the sampled tissue.

CVS is short for Choron Villus Sampling. The full name of CVS is “Cortical vesicles”. If your cervix is damaged, the doctor may remove the affected chorionic villus tissue. A follow-up blood test is required for diagnosis. Moreover, a biopsy is necessary to identify any other abnormalities.

Fetal Chorionic Villus

CVS stand for chorionic villi, which are the tiny projections of placental tissue that contain the same genetic material as the fetus. The results of CVS will reveal if the baby has a defective neural tube. This test is not always accurate. It may take several samples to detect a certain condition. When the procedure is completed, the doctors will examine the fetal chorionic villus.

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