Play Carrom on AIO Games

Carrom is an Indian board game in which you have to keep all your coins on your side of the board. The game ends when one player places a coin on the other’s side of the board.

Now you can play the game of carrom online, and earn money for yourself on different online platforms.

Carrom online has quickly become one of the most adored games for children and adults in India. The indoor game that you used to play with your family and friends has now been converted into an online carrom game where players can challenge each other from all around the world.

Playing online carrom improves drastically in comparison to the traditional board game. The single-player game is usually played in two different modes: professional or freestyle.

The online carrom game is like the professionalised version of the regular one. Like with other traditional games, there are two to four players at a time.

Most online carrom games provide a multiplayer option for carrom that lets you compete against a random opponent.

Carrom is a game enjoyed by many people from all over the world. It not only allows online players to connect and play with each other, it also gives them the opportunity to compete with different participants from the same game.

What exactly is a Carrom Game?

Carrom is a game that resembles snooker, billiards, and air hockey, but played on a wooden board. Each player chucks discs with their fingers in order to make the game more exciting by putting them into one of four corner pockets.

As of now, Carrom games are available to play against other humans through the various mobile apps available on the market. You can download the corresponding app, and play Carrom for money on these online platforms.

Instructions for playing a game of carrom

  • To learn how and when to play carrom for money, it is important for a player to know the various platforms available.
  • You play carrom by taking turns in a game of tag. 
  • A turn consists of one or more strikes with the goal being to pocket what’s your colour first. 
  • The player who wins all their pieces is the winner.
  • However, both players can’t win until one player takes all of the enemy’s pieces. To take more than a single piece from an enemy, a player must pocket it when it is on their own side of the board. 
  • If the queen is taken but not covered, she is returned to the game.
  • You will typically try to cover your queen as well as win the game, because if you are able to win and also cover the queen, you will receive bonus points.

Where can you play carrom for real money?

As a child, carrom was people’s favourite indoor game. The fondest memories of playing ludo or card games came after it, and it still remains popular today.

With your friends and family gathered for a typical carrom game, the next best thing is to play it over the internet too. With the indoor carrom game now accessible online, it’s anyone’s game again!

With the rise of carrom games becoming available online, many apps have introduced their own version of the traditional board game. At AIO Games, they have introduced Carrom Combat where players can play with their loved ones and earn real money through it.

AIO Games offers a uniquely designed 2-player game variant that makes you compete against an unknown player online.

If you need to improve your carrom skill, playing Carrom Combat on AIO Games might help you. You can compete with other players to see which player is the best and it will also help you develop a better skill in the game.

AIO Games provides a fun and easy gaming experience, with the option to earn real time money while you play Carrom Combat, without any hassle. They provide their users with an amazing UI feature that will blow your mind away!

What is the best way to play the carrom combat game?

With AIO Games, you can enjoy your favourite traditional board game, like carrom. They have added a new and exciting feature to the game. Along with standard rules, they show when you make a shot, it earns you real money!

  • A 2-player format game of Carrom Combat can be won in a matter of minutes.
  • In order to use first, you must wait until the game prepares your opponent before you can compete.
  • Inside the game, you will be given coins that are either black or white. You will only have a limited amount of time to hit the corresponding spot with the coin and if you don’t successfully manage that, it will turn into a miss.
  • If your opponent’s striker gets holed, they can still be called out as a foul. Make sure to strike the queen and the cover with your intended target before you hole out the pawn. If your opponent strikes the pawn before you have completed your move, it will be considered a foul.
  • If you make a foul with your coin, it won’t stay in the centre of the board and will return to the middle. The next player has to go without his or her turn until someone else makes a foul.

What are the benefits of playing Carrom Combat on AIO?

With its fascinating gameplay and flawless user interface, AIO Games has quickly become the perfect destination for Carrom Combat. Here you can play for free and also earn cash for your skills.

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The controls are amazing, so you will never be in doubt that AIO Games should be your go-to-place for Carrom Combat. They have great tips to help you win every time!