Melissa Roxburgh & the International Rescue Committee

Canadian actress Melissa Roxburgh has an impressive list of credits to her name. She has been known for her roles in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid films. She also played Ensign Syl in the Star Trek Beyond series, Olivia Tanis in The Marine 4: Moving Target, and Michaela Stone on the NBC/Netflix science fiction drama Manifest. Roxburgh has also been involved with the International Rescue Committee.

Drama Series

A popular child actress, Melissa Roxburgh is best known for her roles in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid films. She has also starred as Ensign Syl in Star Trek Beyond and as Olivia Tanis in The Marine 4: Moving Target. Most recently, she starred as Michaela Stone in the NBC/Netflix science fiction drama series Manifest. In addition to her work in children’s films, Roxburgh also focuses on drama and television.

She is a Canadian actress who has won numerous awards for her work. She studied communications at Simon Fraser University. Initially, she wasn’t interested in the auditions for the Manifest series, but she soon changed her mind when she learned more about the subject. Her net worth is estimated to be between $4-6 million. If you’re interested in learning more about Melissa Roxburgh, be sure to read her bio!


If you’re wondering why actress Melissa Roxburgh is a member of The International Rescue Committee, you’re not alone. Aside from her role in “Riverdale,” Roxburgh is an active member of the charity. This group aids those in war zones and third-world countries affected by disasters. She has become one of the group’s most prominent supporters, using social media to raise awareness for the organization. In fact, Roxburgh’s mother was a tennis player, so she’s familiar with the sport and can get tickets for high profile matches.

While Roxburgh has a very successful career as an actress, she has also remained dedicated to the work she does. Her role in the organization is as a director of the generic division of the organization. The group helps those affected by natural disasters, human rights abuse, and other humanitarian crises. She met her future husband, actor Andrew Jenkins, when the two were working on “Riverside.”

Missing Plane Continues

The mystery of the missing plane continues in NBC’s newest drama series, Manifest. Melissa Roxburgh plays Michaela Stone, a natural born sleuth who has to use her wits to solve crimes. Although her character has an unconventional background, she still believes in her Callings and uses her faith to guide her. Ultimately, the series will reveal whether or not she is a true believer and whether she can trust her intuition.

Industry Events

Although it is unclear if Roxburgh is currently dating anyone off-screen, she is reportedly dating actor J.R. Ramirez. The two have been dating for several months, but their relationship is still very private. While they have never publicly confirmed their relationship, Roxburgh and Ramirez have been spotted out together at industry events. While this relationship hasn’t been public, it is likely that it is just a friendship and nothing more.

According to sources, Melissa Roxburgh is currently dating J.R. Ramirez, the co-founder of Manifest. The two started dating in July of 2016. The relationship was secretive at first, but it was later made public. They were seen together at numerous industry events and even shared pictures on Instagram. The relationship lasted almost a year before the two stopped following each other. While the two kept their relationship close to their chests for professional reasons, it was clear that the two had a strong bond and were in love.


Melissa Roxburgh is a professional Canadian actress. She has appeared in many popular films and TV shows. She is the daughter of a pastor and a former tennis player. Melissa Roxburgh began her acting career after graduating from Simon Fraser University. Her most recent role was in the 2016 film, “Star Trek: Beyond.”