Jaden Newman: Basketball, College, Ranking & Net Worth

If you’re interested in knowing how much Jaden Newman is worth, you’re not alone. Many athletes dream of being on the court, but not everyone has the means to reach the highest level. You can read more about Jaden Newman’s net worth and college ranking to learn more about the young athlete’s future. Listed below are some facts about Jaden Newman:

Basketball Player

In addition to his career as a basketball player, Jaden also has a family. He is associated with the sports apparel brand Prodigy, which sells clothing on and off the court. He also earns through appearances on television shows, including the Hello Newmans. He has a large fan base and is a big name in the world of basketball. Jaden Newman’s net worth is expected to rise as his career progresses.

Julian Newman: Jaden’s father, Jamie, has been aggressively marketing his daughter, Jaden. While some people may enjoy the publicity, others may dislike the hype train. In any event, Jamie Newman, who is responsible for Julian’s wealth, has not revealed much about Julian’s financial situation. This leaves many fans to wonder if Jamie Newman is hiding anything from his daughter.

Instagram Following

Jaden Newman’s net worth is estimated to be around $200 thousand by 2020. This young basketball player has a large Instagram following and a modest following on other social media platforms. Newman is extremely confident in front of the camera and posts pictures of her travels and training sessions. Jaden is also active on Twitter, where she shares interesting photos and videos of herself on her personal pages. The future looks bright for Jaden Newman.

The basketball star’s father, Jamie Newman, was a basketball coach for his children from an early age. Jaden began playing with her brother, Julian, when she was in third grade. When she was eight, she was already on the varsity team. Jaden also launched a hiphop rap in partnership with Chandler Broom. Jaden Newman: The Teenage Basketball Star

University High School

Originally from Orlando, Florida, Jaden Newman parents, Julian and Jamie, played basketball at University High School in Orlando. Julian Newman, Jaden’s older brother, is also an amateur athlete. The two siblings are of Puerto Rican, Jewish and Italian ancestry. It’s hard to pinpoint his exact age, but the two are close. They both love the game and are committed to it.

Incredible Skill

During his early years, Newman averaged over fifteen points per game. As a sixth grader, he averaged over thirty points. By eighth grade, he was averaging over forty points a game. Newman’s incredible skill has drawn immense media attention. He appeared on The Queen Latifah Show and starred in several movies. Her incredible performance has earned her many offers at various colleges. Newman considers UConn her dream school.


Julian Newman is an American basketball prodigy. His practice videos first became viral in 2012, and he has become one of the most highly-regarded high school players in the world. Newman plays for a basketball team called Prodigy Prep. His father, Jamie Newman, also coaches him. His father has set up the school to help him reach his goal. Newman began playing basketball at a very young age, and he found immense success there. At just eleven years old, he averaged 12.2 points per game and 10.5 assists per game here.