Full Fight: Vinnie Hacker vs Deji at Social Gloves

The second full fight of the evening was Deji vs Vinnie Hacker. This bout featured a lot of high-quality boxing videos. Vinnie Hacker was the clear winner, as he dominated Deji and forced him to stand up eight times in the fight. The fight was called off with a TKO 44 seconds into Round 3. It was the first time in the history of boxing that a YouTube video was awarded a victory. The match was broadcast live on TikTok and YouTube, but both platforms are still leading the fights four-to-one.

Millions of Followers

The event was a viral sensation, as Hacker and Deji both have millions of followers on both YouTube and TikTok. Both fighters have a massive following on both platforms. Deji has more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube, while Vinnie Hacker has 7.3 million followers on TikTok. The fight was a close one, with Hacker ending up winning by knockout in the third round.

Brother of KSI

YouTube boxing is returning to the UK with a brand new card this Saturday night featuring the brother of KSI. There are also social media, gaming, and reality television stars on the card. This is the first UK card for YouTube boxing in over a year, and Deji Olatunji will be seeking his first professional victory. In his last fight, he fought Vinnie Hacker, a veteran of the sport.

However, the question remains whether or not LiveXLive will pay Vinnie Hacker. Both fighters have not been paid for the fight. It is possible other fighters are in a similar position. As for Vinnie, he is still waiting for compensation for the fight. A full fight of Vinnie Hacker vs Deji at Social Gloves should be a must-see event.

Full Experience

In the previous match, YouTuber Deji lost to Vinnie Hacker. Both fighters wore white towels for their clothes. However, Deji was a little bit more comfortable in her white towel than Hacker. This match is expected to be a close fight, so it’s important to make sure you’re watching it for the full experience.

The full fight of Vinnie Hacker vs Dej in TikTok is expected to be streamed live. It will be the first ever TikTok boxing event with YouTube stars. Both fighters are highly sought-after, but it is unclear what their actual fight styles are. The fight is scheduled to start at 7pm and end at around 10pm.

AnEsonGib & Tayler Holder

The main event will include a co-main event involving AnEsonGib and Tayler Holder. The fight will be televised live on the popular concert streaming website LiveXLive, which is taking its first steps into boxing pay-per-view. The NFT (NativeFitness Training Tap) will also be featured on the pay-per-view.

The main event is a showdown of two Tik Tok stars. The victor will win by TKO. The fight was also a $1 million-bonus knockout contest. However, the referee stepped in to intervene and it’s unclear if Bryce Hall will be paid up or not. The video below shows the entire bout.

Final Words:

While Vinnie Hacker fought Deji to claim the win, his fight with Tayler Holder wasn’t as exciting. The judges’ decision was controversial, and “robbed” has become the word of the day on Twitter. However, AnEsonGib proved to the rest of us that he’s grown in the ring since his loss to Jake Paul. While he looked unpolished against Jake Paul, he looked much more polished against Holder. The crowd will respect him for this performance here.