Do you want to buy D2 Runes? Read these 10 facts before you do  

It’s true that the legendary action RPG Diablo 2 is incomplete without Runes and Runewords. Even though the Runes and Runewords didn’t come into existence until the release of the Lord of Destruction expansion pack, they have remained synonymous since their inception. Every Rune in the game has a different drop chance rate. As the drop chance drops, the availability of the Rune diminishes too. The drop chance of Runes belonging in the ‘rare’ section is so low that many players report not owning the rarer Runes even a single time. Veteran Diablo players have spent years on the game. Not owning a rare item in a game you love so much feels disheartening. If you’re feeling that disheartened or you plan to escalate the level of your character, you can buy D2 Runes from the internet. 

All in all, the amount of great loot to be found is pretty huge. The kind of happiness you get when an item like Tal Rasha’s armor and the Grandfather Sword is flung into the air from a chest or an assassinated enemy is unexplainable. 

5 interesting facts about Runes 

Runes are very powerful items to be used in item sockets which grants a special ability to the item. Some common attributes are mana regeneration, increased light radius, and increase in resistance. But before you head over to your favorite website to buy D2 Runes, let’s get you acquainted with some unknown facts about them. So here are 10 interesting facts about Runes in Diablo 2/Diablo 2 Resurrected:

1. Not all Runes are equal

You might think Runes belonging to the same rarity level might have the same functionality. The truth is every Rune has a different level requirement, a certain difficulty level in which they can be found, bosses who can drop them. Even the percentage drop chance of getting the Runes from a boss is different for every Rune.

2. The magic find % is not applicable to Runes 

Many items in the game add a bonus to a character’s ability to yield a magic item when killing an enemy or unlocking a chest. The bonus is highly favored by players as it increases the chance of finding better items. But sadly, the Magic Find bonus isn’t applicable when it comes to finding Runes. So you cannot depend on magic find to collect rare Runes. 

3. Go multiplayer 

A very useful and legal trick to increase the chance of finding Rune is playing in multiplayer mode. Every player adds their individual percentage of finding Runes or any items to the calculator of the game when joined in a multiplayer. In other words, the more players present in a multiplayer session, the more creatures will conjure. The more enemies to kill increases the chance of dropping Runes. 

4. Some opponents have a higher Rune drop rate 

Certain creatures in the game have a slightly greater chance of dropping Runes than other common opponents. Wraiths or Specters from the Ghost family, Vulture Demons from Willow Wisp family, members of Swarm group, and Finger Mages are some notable creatures with exceptionally higher Rune drop chance. 

The matter of fact is that these opponents don’t use armaments so they don’t have the choice of dropping a weapon or armor. With two major categories of items eliminated, the drop chance is carried over to other items, including Runes. 

5. A strategy with chests 

Just like Runes, all treasure chests in the game have different types of items. The chests with a sparkle effect around them have a higher chance of dropping valuable treasure. Increase your chance of getting a Rune by finding one sparkling chest. Once you’re able to do so, just run through the level avoiding all monsters and claiming the treasure. Repeat it again and again until you get the Rune you need. 

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Now what?

The above-mentioned points will certainly offer you a strategy to find Rune quicker and more effectively than ever. But the drop percentage of some of the rarer Runes is so low that the question of luck comes in. If your ‘luck’ does not get you the Runes you need to build your character, there’s an alternative way to buy D2 Runes from online stores.