Do You Want to Be a Pitmaster at Wpit18?

Having been a fan of cockfighting since I was a child, I have always wished I could be a pitmaster. Then I heard about the World Pitmasters Cup. It is a tournament where people from all over the world can participate, and I was so intrigued. So I started to learn more about the game. I found out that there are many rules and regulations involved in cockfighting. I learned what is required to become a pitmaster and I decided to register to compete.

World Pitmasters Cup

Among the many things to do and see at the World Pitmasters Cup is the 9-Stag International Derby. It’s one of the most exciting and entertaining events of the year, and it’s a big reason why the event is a huge draw. It’s also considered the biggest in the world. And the competition is expected to be fierce.

Kick Off

For starters, the event will kick off with a two-stag elimination round. The nine-stag event will be held in the Newport Performing Arts Theater at Resorts World Manila, and it’s arguably the largest and most important pitmaster tournament of its kind in the country. As for entries, expect more than 330 to show up, with a minimum bet of 55,000 to enter. It’s also worth noting that the event will also have two wild card contenders.

The competition will be led by one of the most decorated chefs in the history of Texas barbecue. That’s right, Paul Petersen.

Rules of Cockfighting Games

Several countries have banned the use of animals in some kinds of games, including cockfighting. While some people may be passionate about animal sports, the consequences of such activities can be serious.

Despite these laws, there are still some people who enjoy the game. Most players participate online. There are various sites that offer the opportunity to bet on cockfighting.

However, some NGOs have taken a stance against the live cockfighting game at Wpit 18. They have argued that the game promotes cruelty to animals.


The rules of the game are set by the Wpit 18 administration. The rules should be followed by all participants. The administration also provides assistance to the World pitmaster competitors.

Before starting the competition, players must register. They will be assigned a username and a password. They will then be able to specify their project category. After completing the registration process, they will be asked to bring their roosters to the venue.

Register for a Position as a Pitmaster

Whether or not you register for a position as a Pitmaster at Wpit18 depends on your country’s laws on gambling. While there are some countries that allow people to sign up, there are also others that have banned the game. Luckily, you don’t have to worry if you live in the Philippines.

One of the most popular events hosted by WPIT18 is the World Pitmasters Cup. This is a competition that features hundreds of roosters that fight each other in a ring. The winner is the player who has the most roosters that are alive at the end of the game.

Local Laws

Besides the cockfighting, you can also enjoy the fun of betting on the outcome of the game. However, you should check with your local laws first to make sure that you don’t get into any trouble.

You can register for a position as a Pitmaster and even take part in a cockfighting tournament. The website has a free account and a few requirements that you must meet to get started.

Cockfighting Games are Popular in the Philippines

cockfighting games are among the most popular sports in the Philippines. Many people love to watch and bet on rooster fights. This is a lucrative business. The money made from cockfighting is used for the welfare of the animals.

Cockfighting has been a favorite pastime of the people in the Philippines for centuries. Unlike in the United States, where the sport is viewed as a craze, cockfighting in the Philippines is regarded as a noble sport.

Final Words:

Some countries have a nationwide ban on cockfighting. Some countries also have strict rules on how the sport is practiced. These rules are intended to protect the animals.

Cockfighting is a gambling game where participants force a cock to fight one another. In this process, roosters are harmed, bleeding profusely, and may die. Some countries, such as the Philippines, are against cockfighting.

In the Philippines, cockfighting is a way for locals to earn a living. Some NGOs have condemned cockfighting as cruel, but it is not illegal in the Philippines.