Do You Need To Be Tech-Savvy To Use A Bitcoin ATM In Texas?

In case you are worried about not understanding any of the techno mumbo-jumbo related to cryptos, you are not alone. Blockchain, smart contracts, lightning network; these are all unfamiliar terms to most of us. How does one navigate through all of this?

The good news is it isn’t as hard as it looks. And you can take baby steps into crypto investments even without having any background in finance or technology. Want to know the fastest and easiest way to buy Bitcoins?

Simply look for a “Bitcoin ATM near me”. Bitcoin ATMs have grown in numbers significantly over the past few years. That just tells you how easy these are to use. You definitely don’t need to be tech-savvy to start using one. 

Why using a Bitcoin ATM is easy for someone with limited technical expertise

All you need to use a crypto ATM are a smartphone and wallet downloaded on it for storing the coins. You can search for locations on ATMs near you in Texas if you are a resident here. Once you have the locations in hand, simply drive down to a kiosk and start buying Bitcoins.

Bitcoins have been there for over a decade; however, it is still primarily the millennials that have ventured into crypto investments. Is it because Bitcoins are complicated? What do you need to know before buying cryptos? 

How can Bitcoin ATMs help you get started?

Just like any other tech gadget that seems unfamiliar at the beginning, Bitcoins are also unfamiliar for a beginner. But, the learning curve is thankfully not steep at all. You have tools, tutorials, and resources to guide you. And you have Bitcoin ATMs to make it even simpler.

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If you are completely new to Bitcoins, a good way to familiarize yourself with them is by reading Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper. It tells you about the main idea behind a decentralized currency like Bitcoin. The rest you can learn by watching hundreds of YouTube videos for beginners. It’s as simple as that!

Using a Bitcoin ATM in Texas is the safest way to start transacting cryptos for Texans. Unlike exchanges that make you wait, ATMs are almost instant. You don’t have to delay your investments because of pending approvals. 

You must know that exchanges have been subjected to hackers earlier. Any hacking attempt means you can lose your funds in the blink of an eye. But transactions through ATMs are hack-proof.

Just like you use a standard cash ATM, you can start using a crypto ATM anywhere. Instructions for transactions appear on the screen and these are more or less the same for most machines.

You need a smartphone because the machine will provide you with a QR code on it. You simply follow the screen prompts to insert cash bills, scan your wallet ID, and voila! You are now proud of the owner of Bitcoins. 

Selling Bitcoins is almost the same but make sure to find a two-way machine that will dispense cash bills.

So, what are you waiting for? With Bitcoin prices skyrocketing since the past year, this is the best time to test the crypto waters.