Diy Webtretho : Do It Yourself Vietnam Womens Community

Webtretho is an online community devote to Vietnamese women. It shares practical knowledge with readers through real-life stories. Its topics include family care, health, business, and culture. In addition, a separate FAQ section helps readers answer common questions. Whether you are moving to Vietnam for business, family, or entertainment, you can find answers to your questions at Webtretho.

Build Community Capacity

Visiting a Vietnamese women’s community is an important way to support the efforts of this resilient population. It can also help build community capacity. The Vietnamese Women’s Community Health Promotion Project received a one-year grant from the CDC to establish a coalition that includes 7 community-based organizations, 4 health agencies, public health professionals, and community activists. The coalition met monthly and held a retreat to explore barriers to Pap testing.

In rural area women are not afford the same opportunity as men, and many still live under the age-old perception that male offspring are more valuable than female ones. Even in small towns, women in Vietnam are slowly gaining respect and dignity.

Co-Operative in The Rural Village

The Do it yourself Vietnamese women’s community has a number of projects to improve the lives of Vietnamese women. One such project is a co-operative in the rural village of Hop Tien. The initiative helps vulnerable women in rural areas find employment and establish their own livelihoods. Today, the co-operative employs more than 100 women and organises workshops for tourists.

While women in Vietnam are not grant the same opportunities as men, they are slowly beginning to break down traditional gender roles. For example, in rural areas, the age-old view that male offspring are more valuable than female ones is still prevalent. These examples of progress serve as symbols of change that can occur in the future.

Social Media Platform

Webtretho is a social media platform for Vietnamese women, which aims to share practical knowledge with readers through stories of real-life women. The site focuses on topics such as family, health, education, entertainment, business, and culture. It also hosts a separate FAQ section for users.

Webtretho is owned by Parentinc the company behind the Asianparent the lead community platform for parent and children in Southeast Asia. This community platform also operates the leading Vietnamese women’s community and lifestyle brand, Mama’s Choice, which provides natural and safe pregnancy and baby products.

Including Facial Scrubs

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Very Effective Solution

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Last Words:

If you are new to matcha tea, you can make your own Diy webtretho mat with basic ingredients. It is easy to make and will let you learn about the benefits of matcha tea. DIY webtretho kits usually contain benzoyl peroxide, which is inexpensive and easy to work with. Benzoyl peroxide is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from UV rays. But be careful! This compound can also discolour hair and fabric read more.