Difference Between Core Support And Capacity Building Support

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides its participants with funds to fulfil their needs. It is a program started by the Australian government to help people with a significant and permanent impairment that gets in the way of their lives. Supports that NDIS funds include assistance with daily living, personal care, transportation, assistive technology, home modification, etc. All the supports are divided into three categories.

  • Core Support
  • Capacity Building Support
  • Capital Support

Core Support

Core support is funded for daily activities. Under this category, you can get assistance with daily living and personal care support. This is the most flexible support out of the three, which means you can choose where to spend this budget. If you are not someone who needs specific support funded by this budget, you can save that money and spend it on something else that you want to try. You can use this funding all across the funding provided by NDIS.

The core support budget can be used for:

Assistance with daily living: you can have a support worker assist you in your everyday tasks.

Consumables: You can buy everyday items that you need in order to function properly; these are low-cost assistive technologies.

Assistance In Community Participation: You can have a support worker assist you in community activities where you will have a chance to socialise more.

Transport: This support is essential for people who are unable to travel in public transport without facing any issues.

Personalised Support Services provides help with managing NDIS core support in Melbourne; they have professional and qualified support workers working to make lives better for hundreds of people.

Capacity Building Support

This support under NDIS aims to help the participants build their living skills and independence by getting the reasonable and necessary help to reach their goals. This support is not flexible like core support; you cannot spend the funding provided for this support on any other support category. Funding can only be approved for the individual supports that fall under the category of capacity-building support.

Capacity Building Support is funded for the following things:

Support Coordination: This category allows you to spend the funding on getting a support coordinator to help you manage your NDIS plan.

Improved Living Arrangement: You can find a place to live with this support category.

Increased Social Participation: Capacity Building Support is built to improve the living skills of participants. Hence it helps in learning new skills.

Finding & Keeping A Job: If you wish to work, this support allows you to build a career.

Improved Health And Wellbeing: This also includes advice for diet and healthy meals.

Improved Relationships: This support helps you in improving behaviour which leads to better relationships.

Improved Life Choices: You can hire a plan manager who can help you come up with better decisions regarding your NDIS plan.

Improved Daily Living: Training and therapy programs lead you to build an improved daily life for yourself.

Typically your core support is used for the categories we have mentioned above, but in some cases, you can also use your core support for capacity-building support. For instance, you can use your fund for assistance with daily living that falls under core support on improved daily living, which is a category of capacity-building support. Assistance with daily living is designed to help you live as independently as possible, and improved daily living provides you training to be more independent at home and have better relationships in the community.


Currently, NDIS does not have any strict pricing guidelines that prohibit you from spending your core support funding on therapies that fall under capacity-building support, but even though the facility of using your core support is available, it is recommended to use it only when it is necessary. In case your capacity-building support is tight and you have plenty of funds remaining in your core support, then you can use it to cover the expense of therapy and training.

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