5 Tips to Eat Healthy Food While Dining Out

Are you looking for ways to eat healthy food in Montreal restaurants? Well, following a healthy lifestyle is one of the most difficult tasks while eating out at restaurants. While you might be working so hard to follow the healthy eating guidelines at home, eating out can make you feel a step backward. 

Eating meals at restaurants does not allow you to know every ingredient that goes into your food. Also, you don’t get a chance to avoid unhealthy ingredients such as salt or saturated fats. Even though these are some of the reasons for which you may decide to stop eating outside, realistically, that’s not possible.

Eating out is fun! Not only that, it is sociable as well. Having said that, you will be amazed to know that you can stick to your health goals even after eating at restaurants. It’s just that you need to follow a few tricks and make good, healthy choices.

Here are some of the best tips to eat healthy while dining out.

  • Strategize Your Meals

Today, nearly all restaurants post their nutrition facts information on the internet. So, if you are visiting the outlet for the first time, read the menu carefully beforehand to get familiar with it. Always look for keywords such as baked, steamed, grilled, roasted, etc., on the menu so that you can easily choose your food before you arrive at the restaurant.

It’s more likely that the sight and smell of food can distract you, especially when you are hungry. Pre-deciding the meals can help you avoid making unhealthy choices. Therefore, take some time to strategize your meals.

  • Drink Water

It is highly recommended to consider drinking water as your main beverage. Drinking water will not only help you in slowing down the eating process but also allow you to enjoy the food more. It will help you to avoid eating too fast, thus delivering a message to your brain that you are full so that you don’t overeat.

If you find it boring to drink plain water, you can ask for a lemon slice. You can also wait to order a different beverage until you finish your first glass of water. But try to avoid sodas or fruity drinks that are high in sugar. 

  • Look for Healthy Side Dishes

Want to eat healthy food in Montreal restaurants? Then be mindful about choosing a healthy side dish. Side dishes are often hidden sources of fats and calories. So, it’s always better to choose steamed veggies as sides. 

Also, do not hesitate to ask for a double or triple serving of the veggies while placing the order. However, offer to pay extra for the additional servings. Another key point to remember here is that ask if the veggies are fried or cooked in butter. If so, tell them to get it steamed instead.

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  • Order Healthy Protein

In case you are unsure about the dishes offered on the menu, order a meal that comprises healthy protein such as chicken, fish, or turkey. Eating proteins will make you feel full and satisfied without having to eat high carbs like pasta or bread.

You can always order grilled or broiled fish, chicken salads, and smoothies. These are considered much safer and healthier meal options.

  • Look for Low-Calorie Appetizers

Appetizers play a vital role in making or breaking your meal. Try to order a couple of appetizers instead of just eating the main dish. That’s because people often tend to overeat when they are served bigger portions. 

So, if you are dining at a restaurant that serves huge portions, make sure to order two appetizers rather than going for a single main course. This will help you to feel full without over-boarding with calories.


You may many a time wish to eat your favorite food for pleasure without worrying about its healthy portion. So, follow these tips and put them into action while eating at restaurants. Now that you know eating out either makes or breaks your health goals, weight loss goals make sure to order healthy food in Montreal restaurants.