5 Things to Consider While Choosing a CFA Prep Provider

Are you looking to pursue higher professional qualifications in key finance and accounting? The chartered financial analyst (CFA) curriculum incorporates some of the best trends and practices of the industry. However, you will need to pass a series of three tests – Level I, II, III. Passing the exam ensures that you have gained expertise in economics, investment analysis, quantitative methods, financial reporting, and portfolio management.

Please note that it is an extensive program so you may often need to spend months preparing the course. Having said that, you can also choose an experienced prep provider that can help you to focus on the right learning outcomes. So, if you want to enhance your career or find a new role in the financial sector, then make sure to choose the right CFA prep provider. 

Here are the 5 essential things that you should consider while selecting the best CFA Level I prep providers.

  1. Years of Experience

While some CFA course prep providers are producing questionnaires and prep notes for decades, others have just entered the industry. Experienced prep providers have immense knowledge as well as a full understanding of the CFA institute examination process.

Choosing a prep provider with several years of experience ensures that their study materials and resources are tightly honed through the years. That’s why their prep techniques and practice papers can be the most effective ones for the CFA exam. You can completely rely on the prep notes.

  1. Qualifications of the Training Faculty

Skilled and reliable CFA Level I prep providers always employ multiple training faculties for teaching specific topics to the candidates. This is a vital point to note as learning from a trainer who teaches a specific topic ensures that you can monitor the highs and lows of the subject at a personal level.

Also, getting trained by instructors who have successfully qualified for the CFA exam themselves, having several years of experience in training and working in the industry is an added advantage.

  1. Effective Study Materials

Effective learning techniques and study materials are one of the most efficient ways of passing the CFA exam. Always look for prep providers who incorporate excellent questionnaires, mock exams, and practice papers in their prep materials. This will help you to learn the tips, tricks, and methods of effective study.

  1. Ready-To-Go Materials

Managing the volume of the course material is one of the biggest challenges of the CFA curriculum. The major reason for which most candidates fail is that they run short of time for studying. Such students generally tend to avoid practicing questionnaires, thus resulting in disastrous consequences. 

That’s also because most often CFA course prep providers do not have the materials handy at the start of the exam window. Therefore, it is very essential to look for CFA Level I prep providers who have ready-to-go prep materials available immediately after the previous exam results come out.

  1.  Exposure to Mock Exams

Mock exams help in interleaved learnings, meaning testing yourself in all the areas of the course. So, if you are looking to develop your exam technique then you need exposure to CFA mock exams. This will not only help you to practice the question format but also improve your test scores.

Make sure to select a CFA curriculum prep provider who can deliver a minimum of 4 additional practice exams along with the mocks provided by the CFA Institute. This will help you in an effective recall of the syllabus as well as work on your weak points.

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Finally, please note that a high-quality CFA prep curriculum can help you in structuring your study process efficiently. However, enrolling in the best prep course can never replace the need for your time, patience, and efforts. There is no magic study material available in the market and you should be suspicious of any prep provider who claims to reduce the study commitment. Although the CFA Institute does not verify the claims made by the prep providers, you should choose the right provider who will help you achieve your CFA qualification.